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Crawl Before You Ball for Kids!

Hola, Recently, I hosted a free seminar about money issues and personal finance for teens. I tried to think of a way to convey the message without boring them to death. So, I offered gift cards for participation! I created a game called Needs vs Wants to teach the children how to determine if they actually “Needed” something or just “Wanted” it. The kids ages ranged from 10-18. In the Needs vs Wants game, the kids were presented with a series of images on a screen and were instructed to hold up the corresponding Need or...

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When Black Friday & Cyber Monday lead to Title Loan Tuesday

Hola, After seeing all of the footage of folks showing out on Black Friday, I literally hurled the remote control at my television and stomped out of the room.  Do you think that I was overreacting?  I don't.  Why oh why are folks willing to camp outside in the freezing cold (in some areas) for days to get a golden ticket to spend money that they know good and damn well that they don't have at stores that don't give a rat's ass about them?  This is a national crisis!  I think that this behavior has...

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