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“Stop living from direct deposit to payday loan to title pawn to loan from your Mom to direct deposit.”

Join The Crawl Before You Ball Revolution
Participation Trophy Mentality
  So, #whathadhappenedwas, I wanted you guys to Join the Crawl Before You Ball Revolution and over four hundred of you did… well, almost.  Folks happily signed up, paid the $1 fee, incented others to join and then nothing else happened.  Only a few people completed their budget planners and fewer …
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Crawl Before You Ball for Kids!
Hola, Recently, I hosted a free seminar about money issues and personal finance for teens. I tried to think of a way to convey the message without boring them to death. So, I offered gift cards for participation! I created a game called Needs vs Wants to teach the children how …


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If you are selected to attend and participate in the “Crawl Before You Ball” Intervention, you will be notified by a member of our team no later than Monday, December 14, 2015 12PM EST. You will receive a seminar packet and directions to the secret location.  The seminar will be filmed for possible television production, so you will have to sign a release to attend and participate.  The “What Had Happened Was” video submissions, and any pictures or videos taken during the seminar, may be used for marketing purposes by Crawl Before You Ball, LLC or Buffie, LLC.